About us
Foklers team

The doors of our club Foklers are always open to anyone interested. Membership in the club is an ocean of possibilities, limited only by your fantasy.

  • We do not charge fees for the right to be a member Foklers.
  • Our policy is primarily based on the equality of participants.
  • We do not divide people by gender, skin color, political opinion, or financial situation, we do not pay attention to intelligence and useful contacts, we erase the differences between newcomers and old-timers.
  • We believe that everyone can take their rightful place in the ranks of Foklers, with due striving, or just enjoy the game and communication.

The purpose of our club - is to restore people's belief in fair play and equal chances, lost in the process of visiting the various resources.

We develop the most open system of entertainment and income for everyone, we are ready for an innovative and original solutions, so appreciate the opinion and suggestions of every member of our club.

We have created Foklers to find like-minded people, give them the opportunity to develop and to think creatively.

We specifically create entertainment, allowing not only to spend time, but also to capitalize on this.

The main feature of Foklers - is openness: we originally tried available to tell about themselves and their ideals, our games and our goals - not only we are willing to continue in the same spirit. We will be glad to answer the most interesting and important questions asked by you.

It is important to understand that all games sold on the idea of ​​competition, not competition with the soulless machine, and competition with peers, other members of the club Foklers.

Such an approach on the one hand provides a fair game, but on the other hand imposes some restrictions.

Remember, in chat rooms and games are other members of the club, whose feelings may offend careless statements, for this reason, the club made some moral standards, the observance of which is carried out strict control.

Violation of the rules is not allowed, and will result in negative consequences up to expulsion from the club - because people who are not able to control myself, does not deserve to be members of Foklers.

Provably fair games

We offer you a number of demonstrably fair games. What does it mean demonstrably fair game?

We guarantee honesty and openness of any random sequences. Each game, that uses random number generators, calculated in advance and its results can be received by each member of the club Foklers, before they join it, and spend money. At the end of the game, we provide the password to a file, you have previously downloaded to confirm the fair generation.

However, it should be understood that not all data is possible to modeling, for example, your interest rate or the number of participants, which adds a healthy and reasonable excitement. In any case, we log all available games and keep played games archives. This approach allows us to achieve maximum transparency of each draw and make your stay in the company Foklers not funny, but interesting, keeping an equal chance of winning to every club member.

The idea of honest games was born after hours, days, months, perhaps even years spent studying a variety of entertainment offered in the vast network. Unfortunately, some websites deceive their users, pursuiting profit by resorting to unfair practices. Guests of these resources quickly notice injustice and immediately leave, which leads to the fact that people no longer trust the developers. Foklers purpose is to prove that the game can be honest and interesting, and we are open to any proposal and courageous decisions. We provide the resources, but game is made by each of you. We are more honest than a deck of cards, since we provide information in advance.

To avoid accusations of data manipulation, each member of the development team Foklers strictly forbidden to take part in the games. We are interested in fair play for our club members and to prevent leakage of information that might give a competitive advantage private person. We are ready to analyze each case of doubt, but, more importantly, we provide you the very mechanisms of regulation play and integrity control mechanisms, which means you will be able to ensure that our words are true, as you becoming a member of the club Foklers.

Do you still have questions or doubts remain? We are ready to guarantee you an honest answer, in each game. Moreover, we have already answered a lot of questions as far as the open description of the rules, and, of course, intend to do so in the future. Do not hesitate to ask questions, express doubts and make suggestions. The most active and conscious members of the club Foklers and the authors of the most useful ideas and suggestions will regularly receive additional prizes and bonuses from the club. The winner will be chosen, of course, also by an open public voting. Remember, modesty is not always adorns the person, especially when the humility leads to distrust.

Audited profit

Foklers team cares about the members of the club, and therefore in addition to an even game, we guarantee a fair income. We are interested in every member of the club, and therefore any of you can choose the right strategy for membership. I'm sure many have come here not for the sake of entertainment, we respect your desire and appreciate the them.

Each Foklers club member can take advantage of the facilities of a crane, which draws its resources from our income. Yes, we give part of the proceeds to members of our club, because of the development of the club, the proceeds from the tap will only grow as well as your well-being.

Some might ask a question about the generosity of our faucet, but do not forget the constant development of the club Foklers. In addition, each member of the club can significantly increase the yield of a faucet with a simple and transparent referral system. It's all very easy - help to expand our club and get double income: both from those referrals and so on, and the expansion of the club. Gamblers and luck seekers, may try their chances in our demonstrably fair games.

How much can you get by becoming a member of the club Foklers? Ceiling does not exist. Surely, you can not simultaneously receive more money than there is in a particular round of play, but we do not limit the number of games and bets. In addition, we strongly recommend you to attract more players to achieve greater profits. Depending on the selected games and your luck, you can get a significant profit, sometimes dozens of times greater than your bid. That is why the description of the games we've added a video demonstration clearly reflects not only the rules of the game, but also incomes in the event of your victory. We do not hide fees from the games, which are often lower than winning an individual member of our club - we do not put ourselves above our members, on the contrary, we aim to maintain interest in Foklers due to high yields.

Foklers ideology

As you know, we would not have a reason to develop a resource open the club and spend all that a lot of work that we had to perform. The point is not in the development of the code, it is more important to develop an ideology, a network of research and market analysis, for the rest there are experts willing to work for trivial money. Unfortunately, at present there are a lot of projects defamatory fair play. Fewer people rely on questionable resources where completely without thoroughly and convincingly you can declare loser - remember the thousands of casinos, lotteries and other things. Our goal - the creation of an entirely new product, demonstrably fair games. Games in which we reveal all the cards and ready to prove any statement about losing or winning. We strive to supplant the market scams entertainment killing faith in the fairness and honesty. Join us in our difficult battle, bring friends and followers uchuvstvuyte our referral program bringing to 50% of profits. Together we will make the world better

Site conditions

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of our Services. Your access to and use of the Services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. By accessing or using the Services you agree to be bound by these Terms.

1. Basic terms
  1. Foklers Club is not a political, religious or charitable organization. We do have extremely negative attitude to any kind of hate speech, and we reserve the right to ban any Club member, violating the Terms, temporarily of for life-time, depending on the violation degree. We do not prohibit our members to join any other clubs and community organizations, except those one, that confirmed to be terrorists ones. We can guarantee the publicity of complex situations analysis, as well as proving any decision we take, that affects any club member.
  2. Club membership is free for all, doesn’t require any membership fees or other payments, hidden or obvious. Anyone can become a Foklers Club member for free. Moreover, we praise members that invite their friends and acquaintances, and spread ideas of the Club, a special loyalty program launched to thank them. In addition to progressive referral system (the terms of the referral system should be confirmed before registration), we also offer a variety of bonuses for the most active members of the Club. Any Club member makes purchases inside the club consciously, without any pressure, the organizers of the Club does not take responsibility for the actions committed by users on their own, as well as a mismatch between expectations and reality.
  3. Club Fokler is a private organization, and have a right to reject new member registration request in cases of suspected fraud or provocation. In addition, we carefully monitor members implementation of the rules, though rather loyal to the issues of interaction with members of the club. Anyway, we do the common business, and the support of each associate for us is priceless. Thus, in cases of dispute, please contact the support or board, rather than trying to register new fake account - fraud will be detected in any case.
  4. The interaction with the technical support implies correct and polite judgments, absence of insults and hate speeches, such letters will be ignored by customer support. In cases of SPAM, going from a member, the administration has a right to impose sanctions on the account, up to a full lock and exclusion from the Club.
  5. If the activity of the Foklers Club or the website foklers.com is banned in your country or not acceptable according to one or more of your country laws, your religious or political views, please immediately terminate the registration and leave the resource.
  6. The main goal Foklers Club tries to achieve is to spread the idea of honest and useful games. We offer you ready functioning service, as well as a place where you can develop and promote your ideas.
2. Social interaction
  1. If you happen to be the one who is not ready to interact with people different from you on social or racial characteristics, or with those ones who have different views on religion, political, humanitarian or financial situation in the world, with those who do not share your ideas and life principles, you should weight your decision to register here, since the membership is open for everyone.
  2. If for any reason you are not willing to interact with people different from you on racial or social discrimination, people having different views on religion, political, humanitarian and financial situation in the world, people do not share your ideas and life principles, please carefully refer to the registration on the resource, because membership is open to all comers. During registration, you agree that you will not cause enmity that may spoil tolerant communication, everywhere except game chat, where we have to count the game emotion degree.
  3. Violence, terrorism and other activities, generally censured by the world community and ethical standards, and their propagation are prohibited in the Club. You must agree and keep in mind you’re your membership might be cancelled and you will not be able to register again if you violate this term. You agree to give up membership voluntarily in case if your country lows prohibit the Club activity.
  4. Some conflict situations may occur due to variety of social groups represented in the club, and sometimes detail investigation is needed. Club members must treat each other and administration tolerantly, jokes are fine, though. Anyway, you should do your best to resolve a conflict, if any happens.
3. Financial relations
  1. Inter alia, the activity of the club has a financial nature, allows getting benefit from the club running activities. If your country laws oblige you pay taxes from income, you agree to declare your income in your country by yourself. The responsibility for the direct and indirect income and expenses of the club membership Foklers completely imposed on you, so please be attentive while doing any financial transactions.
  2. Foklers Club provides complete and transparent information on the cost of goods and services on our website, as well as about all the transactions, procedures and processes associated with your account. Any attempt of fraud will be immediately stopped, all the Club members, found guilty, will be excluded. The administration of the club may decide on the application of penalties for violators of rules and terms, up to lifetime exclusion from the club, which may happen only when there is a 100% confirmation of the guilt.
  3. The base currency of the club is Bitcoin, however, the administration of the club reserves the right to change the base currency of the resource by notifying members of the club for at least one week prior to the entry into force of the amendments. The conversion rate is selected to be a cross rate of the old and new currencies at the date of amendment.
  4. Every Club member is allowed to input and output any number of finance and the use it to participate in the games and to buy additional bonuses and privileges. The only exception to the rule is that you cannot withdraw less than 0.0001 Btc.
  5. If you happen to be inactive for 45 days and your balance is less than 10000 satoshi and you did not invest your balance is zeroed and satoshi goes to other club members through faucet. It was done due to many players actions who tried faucet, tried games and quit forever - there is no reason to hold this money.
4. Bitcoin network interaction
  1. Officially, Bitcoin is not a currency or currency unit, so any transactions using Bitcoin are allowed in most countries, and do not count as financial transactions. However, each Club member must ensure that his country laws allow him to use Bitcoin.
  2. Each Club member thar uses Bitcoin must follow the Bitcoin network rules, that cannot be changed. During registration, you agree to follow restrictions imposed by the network of Bitcoin:
    1. - For operations within the network may be subject to commission 10,000 Satoshi or more
    2. - Time to complete transactions may be insignificant, but may take hours
    3. - Bitcoin network can slow down due to renewal, leading to delays in operations
  3. Each member must personally manage to start by his own wallet and complete other procedures necessary for the interaction in the network Bitcoin. He takes all the risks associated with the work of a variety of exchangers and exchanges that could lead to the loss of profit.
  4. Foklers Club is not liable for loss of profit due to changes in crypto currency exchange rates during I / O, and storage inside the club. Any risks are taken voluntarily by members of the club.
5. Games and Lotteries
  1. Despite the fact that Foklers Club does not use any official currency for transactions inside the club, each member must personally ensure that his membership in the cube, as well as any actions inside the club will not contradict the legislation of the host country and / or a citizen of the country, which he is. Joining the club, each party confirms that its activities within the club Foklers will not cause violations of the law.
  2. Before using any resource feature, the user must ensure that that activity will not break his country laws.
  3. In case you detect any restrictions in your legislation preventing the continuation of membership in the club, you must immediately discontinue use of the resource and to refuse membership.
6. Foklers referral system Terms
  1. Joining the club, each member confirms that he/she is familiar with the rules of referral system of the club and agree with them. Foklers uses several variants of independent referral systems in games, faucet and other features and reserves the right to amend the referral system, primarily aimed at increasing the referral bonus due to new features.
  2. Foklers Club provides a referral bonus for attracting new members involved in the faucet claims. The size of the bonus is 50% of the money claimed by attracted referrals. Amounts received from various referrals are summed and credited to your account foklers club member.
  3. Also Foklers Club provides referral bonus 5% of each income, that Club gets from every played game, where your referrals have participated.
  4. Each member must independently validate the bonus correctness and contact technical support only in case of error or enrollment calculation; otherwise, the club reserves the right to withdraw the bonus or part of the benefit of professionals involved in analysis of the conflict situation. Foklers ensures public process parsing conflict situation and does not take hasty and informed decisions about money issues.
7. Interaction with Foklers technical support
  1. Joining the Club, each participant confirms that he/she is familiar with the rules of interaction with technical support and fully agree with them, he realizes that the violation of these rules and any other Foklers Club can lead to various consequences, including termination of membership.
  2. Foklers Club ensures publicity analysis of any dispute related to the interaction of users and technical support, after approval by all the affected members.
  3. Technical support can be accessed by sending emails to the address of the support, and the forum in a special section.
  4. Issues, sending to the technical support should be constructive and meaningful, describing the specific problem to be solved or the claim for help of specialists. Administration reserves the right to not answer to incoherent messages that carry meaning.
  5. Credentials restoring can only be performed with member absolute confirmation of the account owning. Club Foklers does not store passwords and cannot send them.
  6. Foklers Club reserves the right to refuse the application for the change purse or password in case of a minimum suspicion on false ownership of the account.
  7. Applications, reached technical support are considered in order of receipt, and can take a long time, but the club foklers guarantees acceptance of the application within 24 hours of its receipt, and final processing and implementation in no later than 7 days from the date of the receipt of the application.
  8. Minimal priority is assigned to the problems created by the fault of the member of the club, and in some cases Foklers Club reserves the right at all to refuse to consider individual applications. These applications include issues related to the restoration of credentials and changing addresses by members, aggressive and that that do not have the specifics of the application.
  9. Inadmissible any unfounded accusations, insults and other non-constructive letters will be ignored. In the case of repeated violation of the rules Foklers reserves the right to take punitive measures against violators up to exclusion from the club.
  10. In cases of false or erroneous references under repeated applications, the administration of the club reserves the right to impose penalties to the members of the club, demanding attention.
  11. When dispute resolution means member guilt, the disputed funds are redirected to specialist support.
8. Confidentiality
  1. Completing the registration you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of Foklers Club confidentiality and fully agree with them. If some paragraphs of the rules do not fit you because of the political, economic, religious beliefs, if some paragraphs of the rules may break the laws of your state or the state of temporary stay, you should immediately terminate the registration and leave the resource. Any claims after the registration will not be accepted and may result in penalties up to exclusion from the club.
  2. Foklers Club is a private organization, and does not spread any information about the members of the club, both within the club and beyond, with the exception of the legitimate demands of the authorities.
  3. The Club does not store, copy or distribute any information about the members of the club, except provided on a voluntary basis and agreed to spreading.
  4. Foklers Club does not store passwords in plaintext, so cannot provide the password to access your account, though new password may be generated after restoring password request.
  5. For safety credentials, the club reserves the right to refuse to provide and / or restore credentials, in case of suspicion of false ownership of the account.
  6. In order to increase the openness of the process of the game, Foklers Club retains publicly accessible information about the winnings, and transaction operations of the club members.
9. Copyright
  1. During registration on the Foklers resource, you confirm that you are aware of and accept the Foklers position of copyright. If you do not agree with the position of individual items or whole, you have to give up the registration process and leave the resource. If the individual items or entire position is prohibited by the law of your state or the state in which you reside, you should give up the registration process.
  2. Foklers Club, being the legal owner of trademarks and intellectual property, has careful attitude for the rights of other authors and companies, so if you think that the resource violated your or someone else's copyright, it should contact us to resolve the situation.
  3. Any data placed on the resources of the club Fokler is the intellectual property of the club, and is not a subject for distribution in the public domain, unless there are specific data holders.
  4. In case you witness a violation of copyright Foklers club or other rights holders, you should immediately contact the technical support.
  5. Each member, uploading information, images, text and other types of data, shall ensure that there is no copyright infringement, and accept full responsibility for loading the data that do not belong to him/her.
  6. Foklers Club reserves the right to use any suggestions, text and data uploaded by the club members, if there is no infringement of copyright by other rights holders. The copyright considers to belong to Foklers Club unless there are copyright claims.
Online games
Clash of cash & Free for all
Short description


Try your luck and develop your own strategy fighting against the best of the best. Real rates, deserved victories, considerable profits in the fiercest battles among the Foklers club members. Make yourself known and prove your right to become the Top 50 leader. Clash of cash - the game for the self-confident foklers.


A fundamentally new approach to series of popular puzzle games where you need to collect four or more identical elements. Victory conditions require you to stay on the board until it is filled up with your competitors. Thus, more competitors destroyed, the higher the earnings. Any other player may become your ally and your enemy, and even your own activity can be a determinant in the distribution of the pot. Our bots are included in the game in order to maintain the balance and to make it more exciting, because their strategy is unpredictable - one might destroy your fokler, while others, on the other hand, can protect you from enemy strike. Be ready for change, vote for new combat units, develop and offer your own foklers. We can guarantee that a fokler is extremely volatile form, ready to any mutations, especially to those ones that are recommended by the members of the Club. Develop your own strategy to destroy the hostile foklers while saving the maximum amount of yours own. Find the best balance between cheap weak and expensive mighty foklers, in order to maximize your profit. Attract more players and get bonuses from both the increase in the number of players and your own referral bonus, though even playing alone using the right strategy brings significant returns. However, we believe that no one will feel lonely, as 24 hours a day tons of seekers of luck wish to compete and to get a fortune. So just join the game and make the first move.

Foklers intrest

As we have already mentioned, our team takes only 15% of the bonus bank, which is below the level of income taxes in the most generous countries. In addition, we take percentage not from the total pot, but only from the total bonus amount received after the return on investment to the survived players, remember our rule - the winners must not stay in the red, which often eliminates our commission to ridiculous amounts of less than 1% of the bank - but that are our risks that we are ready to take for the benefit of the project. In rare cases, bot motivator may also bring a small profit, which in any case is sent to the maintenance of its work and increase the drop rate of expensive and durable bots higher levels.

We have done our best to calculate the balance of the game and are confident that it will attract the interest of people, especially the club members, since the more players participate, the better yours and therefore our profits, so we are open for constructive dialogue and proposals. Our goal is to return the good reputation to the online games, proving the possibility of their integrity and fairness. Therefore, all the revenues we get we aim to the development of the project: the development of new games, applications, maintaining club healthy, attract new members and the generation of new ideas, support for the founders (yep, we want to eat as well) - that would not be possible without your active participation. So the best we can do is expressing our gratitude for your participation in the project. Remember, purchasing even the cheapest fokler, for personal gain, you do good business by investing in the future of the world the idea of useful games. Thank you to each player, each of you.

General situation

The playing field consists of 225 cells (15x15), where one after another appear purchased players foklers. Occasionally the type and the form of foklers may vary depending on the season, holidays, the administration current mood, club members collegial decision, though during current game foklers shape and color remain stable. There are always four types of foklers participating each game, each of them have different shape and color. The field filling starts with the bottom left corner and moves to the right, until the row is filled, then it goes to the second level left corner etc, until it reaches top right corner, therefore the lower ranks will be filled first. Foklers appearance speed on the field remains the same, regardless of the number of players and is just over 1.5 seconds per a fokler. Therefore, if the number of people willing to participate in the game more than 1 person per 1.5 seconds, then there are queues appears in which your foklers accumulate, being added there according to the server time of purchase, so be extremely careful and prudent planning purchases, or you may found yourself at the end of the long line, lost the ability to render your fokler at a proper position. In the case of interaction (contact) four or more identical foklers their partial or complete destruction comes (depending on properties of each of them). Each survived fokler tends to be at the bottom of the playing field, since there is gravity, so if a lower row foklers were destroyed, upper row will fall down, and the formation of voids in the field is not possible. The only condition for the victory will be to keep on the 225 living foklers (including our bots). Before each game starts, we generate a sequence of colors and lay out the encoded file, the code for which you can get after the game finishes. Thus, when you buy fokler, it gets the next shape and color, pointed in the file, so you can download the file in advance, and, as the game is finished, check out that your foklers color was not generated at the moment of purchase.

Buying foklers

Each player can purchase foklers of different mightiness (different levels of the resistance to interaction). The higher the fokler level (the greater the number of lives he has), the higher the price and the greater the chance to stay until the end of the whole game. Foklers cost levels can be seen on the purchase button. You can see there the expected amount and percentage of income in case of winning or losing a part of life. However, it is not wise to expect that buying only the most powerful and expensive foklers, you are guaranteed to find yourself among the winners - remember that in case of contact four or more identical Fokler (by color and appearance, but not by the number of lives) their destruction occurs, and the weakest ones get burnt, and if they are equal, all of them get burnt, i.e. if your three neighboring foklers are the same type (color) and have the same amount of lives as you have, or more, all of you will be destroyed, but if at least one of them is weaker than you, he/she will be burned, and you will lose as many lives as he had, but his invested sum will be shared between survivors.

Each player can buy almost any number of foklers, but in order to bring to the game and save the liveliness competitive spirit, we limited the maximum number of foklers in the queue for each player. You cannot buy another fokler until at least one of your bought foklers leaves the queue.

Each player can observe their staff, i.e. the quantity and quality of purchased and disposed at the field foklers. The player can monitor their condition and the extent of damage both on the field and in the additional section beneath the playing field, where your fokler can be seen even it was defeated. In addition, we provide statistics on the current game, where the player can see the amount of investment, as well as the estimated profit on the basis of which he can make a decision how to increase income through the purchase of additional combat units, and the possibility to recover their losses, in cases of unsuccessful shots.

Each player can purchase foklers of different mightiness (different levels of the resistance to interaction). The higher the fokler level (the greater the number of lives he has), the higher the price and the greater the chance to stay until the end of the whole game. Foklers cost levels can be seen on the purchase button. You can see there the expected amount and percentage of income in case of winning or losing a part of life. However, it is not wise to expect that buying only the most powerful and expensive foklers, you are guaranteed to find yourself among the winners - remember that in case of contact four or more identical Fokler (by color and appearance, but not by the number of lives) their destruction occurs, and the weakest ones get burnt, and if they are equal, all of them get burnt, i.e. if your three neighboring foklers are the same type (color) and have the same amount of lives as you have, or more, all of you will be destroyed, but if at least one of them is weaker than you, he/she will be burned, and you will lose as many lives as he had, but his invested sum will be shared between survivors.

One can get satoshis for buying fokler by different means, starting from transferring satoshis to provided address (“Deposit” button), and finishing with using free satoshis, got from faucet. As you have enough satoshi to buy a fokler, you can just do it, no need to perform any additional steps. This option is most useful in a training version of the game Clash of cash: Free-for-all. We consider faucet as a way to get sathoshis for free and try participating the game, though you can withdraw them as

BOTS in game

On the playing field may appear two types of computer players (BOT).

The first - a bot destroyer (differs from the usual player in that it has X symbol below the image), it does not bring profit, its primary purpose to speed up the game and raise financial interest. This bot will appear every second in case of empty queue, ie, when no one wants to risk their fokler the bot appears. Therefore the game goes smoothly even when real players amount is low. Bot destroyer is a ruthless machine of destruction any other foklers. He behaves like a regular player, and in case of contact with three or more foklers its kind he makes a devastating suicidal impact on them.

It is worth noting that the bot-destroyer is capable of destroying even the most powerful fokler( when the destroying chain does not include lower-lever foklers). The destruction power of the bot always corresponds to the energy of the weakest Fokler in the chain, i.e., in case of contact of the bot-destroyer fighter that has three lives and weak fighter that has three lives, complete destruction occurs only to the bot and the combat unit that has one life, while a solid only lose a part of life (equal to the number of lives of the weakest link in the destroying chain). In cases of contact the bot and three foklers of equal strength all the four combat units destroy, regardless of the number of lives. Therefore, the best protection strategy against bot-destroyer is to position a weak fokler that has one life near powerful one, or avoiding bots appearance by active real players participation. More information can be found in the section where the simplest strategies are discussed. The bots do not participate in the allocation of the total jackpot, they get nothing at the end of the game, all the invested money are being shared among survived

Another type of computer player is a bot-motivator – a real Fokler sponsored by our club. When it joins the game, the overall pot increases, and if he happens to lose his lives, the funds spent on it will be shared among survived players, so even if there is only one real player, earnings from the game in the case of the destruction of the bot-motivator can be significant. Strength, and therefore the value of the bot-motivator, depends on many factors, including: the current situation in the game (the average percentage of income), the number of killed and the number of left on the field, game pot, etc. Please note that the bot-motivator is not a mindless money making machine - it is another crafty player in the field that is capable to compete with a real player. Since it invested money as any other player, it takes part in the general distribution of the pot.

The distribution of the pot

Finally, the most interesting part of the game: your incomes. Each player can get a decent income when choosing a competent strategy, leading to the victory. Simple strategies are discussed at corresponding section, more complicated strategies you can discuss on our board or chat in the game, providing that you’re ready to share the secrets of your skill. During the simulation game we’ve realized that each remaining undefeated fokler must at least return their investments and also get the profits at the expense of defeated rivals, so the formula for calculating the profit from each Fokler on the acquired quite is quite complicated:

PP = RFIC + ((TP – overall_sum (RFIC)) – FF*(TP – sum(RFIC)))/(sum(LF)*sum(RFIC))* CFLC + RB
PP – Player profit
TP – Total pot (sum of all the investments in the game)
RFIC – Remaing fokler initial cost (the sum you spend to buy the fokler)
FF – Foklers fee
LF – life factor
CFLC – Current fokler lives cost (If you bought fokler that had three lives and now it has one life, the cost of one life fokler)
RB – referral bonus

RB = FF*(TP – sum(RFIC)))* RP /(sum(AR)*sum(RA)
RP – referral percent = 5%
AR – alive referral
RA – your referral amount

To check the accuracy of calculations, you can replay any passed game and make your own calculation. For ease of understanding at the end of each game, we provide information about the winnings of players, as well as our fee, which is almost always less than 15% (the lowest tax in the world) to the actual pot, except the cases when there is nobody to pay for. However, we believe that winners will always take their parts.


After a sufficiently large number of emulation tests, we can provide some statistics on games Clash of cash and Clash of Cash: free for all. The average duration of 10-20 minutes of the game, regardless of the number of players: in the cases of real players absence bots are able to cope with filling the field. Average game has 225 survived foklers and about 175 destroyed, the main interest of which are fragile cheap units (about 70%) or bots in the absence of players.

The average level of profit at a ratio of expensive / medium / cheap foklers equal 5/25/70, respectively 15% / 30% / 50% - figures of the current game you can always find below the “buy fokler” button. In cases of complete destruction of an expensive fokler the player can still have positive balance, by gaining and locating well about extra five cheap foklers on a field (recovery strategy). Foklers that have three lives are practically not subjected to total destruction, except in cases of thoughtless location in a dangerous place, surrounded by bots destroyers of the same kind. The destruction of such foklers is very rare, and does not necessarily happen in every game. However, in case of death of such a soldier more fragile players profit level rises sharply and can reach several hundred percent. The average level of profit at a ratio of expensive / medium / cheap foklers equal 5/25/70, respectively 15% / 30% / 50% - figures of the current game you can always find below the “buy fokler” button. In cases of complete destruction of an expensive fokler the player can still have positive balance, by gaining and locating well about extra five cheap foklers on a field (recovery strategy). Foklers that have three lives are practically not subjected to total destruction, except in cases of thoughtless location in a dangerous place, surrounded by bots destroyers of the same kind. The destruction of such foklers is very rare, and does not necessarily happen in every game. However, in case of death of such a soldier more fragile players profit level rises sharply and can reach several hundred percent.


On the basis of the simulation games of the set, resulting in mass tests and inspections, the team Foklers formed an opinion about how to play and win games Clash of Cash. We really learnt to enjoy and feel the excitement of playing in the first virtual and then real currency. Now we offer you a few basic strategies adopted by armed beta testers of the game that brought the most tangible results, and most importantly have caused the greatest concern. The skillful combination of different strategies and the timely switch will allow the most diligent players make regular profit in the battle of intelligence and luck. Despite the seeming simplicity of the game and the high level of randomness, much of it depends on the skills and cold calculation. Although the influence of the element of luck is also present, from what we think the game only benefits. Let’s proceed to the study of basic

Basic Strategy

The first thing you need to define is places, relatively safe to throw your foklers to. They are obvious and basic strategy largely based on trying to ensure that the location of your fokler is safe. So, what are these locations:

- First of all, according to the theory of probability, corners are safest places to put your fokler to. And if the lower left corner can be quite unpredictable, due to the factor of the unknown following Fokler, the upper right, on the contrary, is the most auspicious, with a minimum of uncertainty, and almost surely you’ll keep a combat unit, putting it there, and thus increase your income. However, there is a risk to find yourself in the end of the queue, and then fall into the next round of games.

- Quite safe are the boundaries of the field, though the left boundary again is a little more risky than the right one, since exposing your fokler at the right border you already know all the neighbors except the future of the upper, while the left border may conceal a nasty surprise in the form of a sudden fallen the wrong neighbor. Logic dictates that the top row much safer than the lower one, but later we’ll prove that this conclusion is not always true. In addition, we often noticed the upper row destructed because of fallen foklers and made a significant hole. In any case, the upper row is worth paying attention to.

- Throw in the center of the field may seem reckless, but it depends on the foklers already positioned on the field, also further drop in combat units in the mine could be a good chance of saving it. However, do not forget about queues and challenges aiming to enter the mine, often there are a few players who want to increase their scores.

- The strength of the foklers, surrounding the destination point, is an important factor. For example it is not wise to throw foklers that has three lives nearby three bots-destroyers, that have the same color. On the other hand a strong fighter landed near the weak ones, having different colors increases its chances of winning

Every player eventually come to the own similar conclusions on their own, watching the game, it is desirable to take part, since nothing stimulate brain activity as the sound of coins and the spirit of competition. Now, as it became clear where to throw, let's talk about how this is best to perform.

- The advantages and at the same time disadvantages of a team game are the opponents. You're not the only one who noticed the current safest place for your fokler. And you can find plenty of opponents, who want to throw to the upper right corner. We’ll learn to how to deal with it later. So far, the main thing to remember - always consider the length of the queue.

- in addition to the people there are bots in the game and whilst destroyer falls strictly by the rules, predictably, the crafty motivator, might be faster than you, going ahead in the race for a place. Always remember there are bots exist, think a step ahead - buy fokler a moment before seat predecessor appears.

- Sometimes you may find yourself in an uncomfortable position as a result of not assessing the situation in a timely manner, and instead of hitting a coveted spot you participate at a mass destruction failure, so always look over the situation, do not make purchases distracted from the game

- We have to warn you again that the fall of sustainable fokler close to the same kind ones or bots destroyers leads to their complete destruction, so do not rely on the expensive foklers only, do not neglect the other levels of fighters.

Now you should understand the basic strategy of the game - throw the fokler in a safe place, observe the playing field, game balance and your own winnings and victory will be yours. However, if the game was that simple, the game would not be worth discussion. Let us consider other options of games and strategies.

Strategy for a single game

Despite the fact that our club accepts people from all over the world, the experience of international projects and statistics allows us to say that at different times on the server can be a different number of players. And considering the powerful development of Internet scams, against which we dedicate our project, we are aware that players will take care everything is new and unknown, including our club. In addition, there are the unlikely event that the attackers will try to defame the name foklers, we are ready at any time and will be glad to provide the archives of games played. In order to maintain the interest we have developed a robot-motivator, that helps you to make a profit even in a single game or a game with few players. Now a few words about the game strategy.

The first thing to do to obtain greater profits - is to attract other players. That is easily accomplished using our own and third-party boards and chat rooms.


Until the field is filled to the middle you can just watch the game and wait for combustion bot-motivator, or accidentally fallen player. If not a fokler was destroyed by that time, you can start hunting for the bot-motivator. It is enough to throw the soldier next to him greater strength to destroy the bot and to stay on the field.


You can donate at the start of the game 1-2 foklers to attract the interest of other players. However, you have to be very attentive and ready to go to the recovery strategy, no matter whether the players entered the game or the battle is going against bots only.


According to statistics, bots motivators burn every game without the players, sometimes it can happen towards the end of the game, sometimes at the very beginning. In any case, it makes sense to wait for the destruction of the bot, and then grab the initiative. Do not forget that the profit sharing among all active players, that is, the more your soldiers remain on the field, the greater the portion of the pot you get. Therefore, if there are several on the bots motivators and only one of them was destroyed, then you have to throw at least an equal number of their own Fokler to get at least half of the prize pot.


Do not try to remain in the shallow game, the best strategy - attack, achieve participation of other players or try to profit from the bot-motivators

That's probably all that is worth knowing about the small games, but if you reach high results in attracting other players or the game is full of concurrent players, you need to know how to switch to a new strategy.

The strategy of forcing and mass games

Of course the greatest interest represent games with a large number of participants - because they provide a lot more investment and thus winning percentage. However, you have to fight for the bank, since the chance of being destroyed was not canceled, so we recommend to get acquainted with the strategy greatly increases the chances of winning. So:

- The total pot is divided een all the survived players in proportion to their investment, ie, the quantity and quality of their survived foklers, so the more expensive your fighters remain on the field, the higher the winnings, but do not forget about the risk of being destroyed by similar fokler so thoughtlessly squander them. In any case try to hold the safest place.

- Be aware of your limitations in the 10 files in the queue, as well as about the safe upper row, sweet dream of all the players. The best option would be to spoil their chances by taking 10 consecutive safe place, and it is not necessary to risk expensive fighters, just take a top row, let someone’s else foklers get into a new game

- Try to spoil the game for the enemy, remember the safe places positions and that many people desire to throw their powerful fokler there, try to be the first pushing you cheap fokler there, pushing the enemy to center field. After the destruction of expensive fighters significantly increases the bonus bank. The more you interfere with the enemy to achieve their goals, the more your own fokler will be on the field the more you take away

- Watch the winning percentage increase, sometimes it increases dramatically, be ready to throw expensive fighter to intercept the initiative and bonus.

Such a strategy is good when your willingness to invest in the game for the sake of greater profits, but not everyone can afford such a strategy. Therefore, you can use the strategy for the less affluent players.

Defensive strategy - the strategy of entrenchment

It is desirable to have enough money, whatever the game flows, as to ensure the acquisition of several strong foklers. Even the expensive one fokler may be sufficient, providing that it managed to survive. Availability of the expensive foklers in the game allows you to use the strategy of burying or entrenchment. For this early in the game you need to throw to a safe place expensive combat unit and secure it using cheaper one, for example, selecting the lower right corner as a safe place, preferably throwing a cheap fokler in advance, thereby protecting from the boat destroyer. Also it would be useful to cover a valuable fighter from the top, and make it on a regular basis, locating cheap foklers above the strong ones. Remember that you will return your investment in the fokler only when it has at least one life. The basis of the strategy of entrenchment, is to prevent the possibility of bot destroyer to fall near expensive fokler.

Dig in and being in relative safety, you can relax a bit and watch the level of profits and investments of other players, raising rates only in case of insufficient profits by burying another expensive fokler. Unfortunately, this strategy can generate significant income only in cases of low-level game, however, a large gathering of gambling and greedy players should use an aggressive strategy to increase their own income.

The aggressive game strategy

It is easy to notice that each subsequent strategy - is the result of the previous connections, aggressive strategy is not an exception. If you have a large number of active players, it is always advisable to start with a strategy of entrenchment. Well hid fokler - a pledge of true profit. However, it is necessary to remember about the opponents, try to break down their defenses, such as throwing fighters medium strength against weak enemies. Push out the enemy expensive Fokler from queue to dangerous position in advance using cheaper fighters. Try to take all the safe places, but always keep the possibility to throw another couple of foklers - do not overfill the queue.

Finally, no matter how the game starts, try to occupy the top row, even if not all of your combat units will fall into it, the lower number in the next game will not be a bad step in a new attempt to dig.

A nice variation of the aggressive strategy is deliberate destruction of yours own fragile fokler to attract interest in the game for other players. Keep all round at low rates, and only at the very end let down some expensive fighters to pick up the bulk of the bonus account. You should not fear, weak fighters will not severely damage the heavyweights, and if you have not allowed an opponent to throw expensive fokler almost the whole pot will be yours.

Remember the best defense - the attack, and in any case a fortune is not enough and, if taking a significant number of games, long-term strategy always wins

Strategy for Recovery

It is not a strategy, and a little obvious conclusion from other policies and rules of the game. We have repeatedly advised pawns to sacrifice for the victory. This approach is a bit questionable, but do not forget the centuries of human experience, which says that the small sacrifices in great battles always pay off. And in the case of deliberate destruction of weak fokler at the start of the game, you still have a decent chance not to only pay back investments, but also to go into profit.

Moreover, the opportunity to get profit remains even after an unsuccessful throw using entrenchment strategy that led to the destruction of the strong expensive fokler. Yes, profit is not so great, but you will not stay in the red, you have time to seize the main places of safety.

Recovery Strategy is cold-blooded watching the winning percentage and its regular stimulation from new investments without unduly risking and without succumbing to gambling. This strategy, as the name is not aimed at a big profit, and to restore the balance and avoid big losses.

We hope that outlined strategies will help you win and keep the interest in our club. A short time later every player will invent their own strategy for the game, or even several of them, so let the wise, persistent and lucky player win. Good luck.

Foklers Auction

The auction allows you to bid, in order to win and get significant profits. Every winner can increase their bet by almost five times, without breathless expectation. Beat the rival bid and hope to stay not beaten.

Fokler Club offers you a classic auction, that needs no special introduction. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Our start bet is 300 nimble Satoshi, manage to place bets until Satoshi has not escaped, leaving you only one hundred. The interface is intuitive. Neither secrets nor secret numbers. Our lot, just an excuse to bargain with other parties. Be careful, rates are rising rapidly, great sums may be required for the final victory to outdo the competitors. After 5 digit rates begin to attract, but the further the more. Who's here a millionaire, able to win?


At intervals of at least 5 minutes, sometimes slower (in the case of prolonged auctions) Foklers club exposes its lot of 3 hundreds Satoshi. If the auction ends sooner than five minutes, the new does not begin until the expiration of the time. After the announcement of bets players (everyone) have a minute out to make his bid before the auction will start to decrease from 300 to 100 Satoshi. After the first bet, which is always equal to 100 lots Satoshi decrease stops and the sum is added to the sum of the lot to bet on. After that, a new timer is included for those who want to kill rate. The auction foklers rates rise by a specially developed formula:

NB = ((PB/10^ PBDN)+1)*10^ PBDN
PB – previous bet
PBDN = Previous bet digit number
The formula for calculating the time for reflection after every bet is calculeted by the following formula
TR = BDN - 2
TR = Tile to reflect
BDN - bet digit number

Bids can be made at any time, immediately after the appearance of the previous bet and at the last second. You can interrupt their own rates, though we do not really understand why you would do it. However time to make bet extends time at time, allowing everyone to participate. Such dynamic growth rates were not chosen by chance. Firstly, the interest in the game increases with increasing rates. Secondly, in cases of protracted bargaining between the two parties only such dynamic game is able to give a substantial profit for the winner.

Foklers intrest

As part of the description of the auction, we will not talk about the mission of the club and its ideology, we just note that the auction, a as part of the whole project, continues the idea of fair games. However, at the same time, it carries a specific financial interest. We take 15% of the bank, which is really low when the rates are low and acceptable as the rates grow. However, main goal is to attract interest to our club and continue to develop it with your help. Therefore, we are grateful to each participant who decided to join Fokler club.

Online chat

You might have already noticed the presence of the chat. We designed it specifically to let every player express their emotions, chat with other players, discuss joint strategy, and simply have fun. Therefore, we minimize the number of rules for using the chat. However, we urge you to remember that chat is using by people all over the world, so please take care not to offend the feelings of the other members of the club and observe the short list of rules.


We are not opposed to any statements to the administration, lately it has become a new trend in the vast global network, and we’ve already mentioned that main chat goal is to let you express your emotions. However, please remember that chat is using by people all over the world, and they are different races, religion, social status and political views. Foklers is an entertainment portal, and negatively related to political strife, racial or some other hostility, terrorism, mockery of the victims of disasters and other narrow topics. We reserve the right to ban such messages, as well as people abuse our trust.

The chat is not welcome spam in any form, especially in form of links to other resources, the distributors of these messages may also be subjected to a ban.

The system does not automatically allow you to fill out all the text box with your messages only, remember that the other members of the club also have the right to express their own opinion. Similarly, we do not recommend sending senseless combinations of letters and words

Foklers faucet

The abundance of various types of network faucets, gives us hope that they do not need a special presentation. Certainly many of you came here after hearing about the opening of a new faucet with a generous referral system of 50% lifetime and a yield of 260 per hour Satoshi

Foklers faucet, as any faucet, is designed for claiming free Satoshi, you certainly knew it or learnt while registering on our website. Each of the known existing faucets chooses its development strategy and work rules relating to the first amount of participants incomes. There are certain rules and regulations exist on our site as well. We hope that you understand that the project currently at the very beginning, and therefore some restrictions are applied. However, we plan to get rid of these restrictions as the project will grow. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. This faucet requires a significant investment we have to provide, and, on the other hand, there are notorious risks to be devastated by some scams – therefore we do not want to risk, and these restrictions are obligatory at the very start.

Please note that this faucet is not only an opportunity to earn a few Satoshi, but also to accumulate enough coins for game and start getting significant profits.


• Firstly, we limit the amount that can be claimed from the faucet in one hour. Every hour we refill faucet with a certain amount, which becomes available to claim immediately. This amount will gradually expand, along with the project evolving. If one hour limit is exhausted, the rest of it is transferred to the next hour in addition to the sum of the transferred in the new hour.
• Secondly, we use antibot system, forcing you to enter a captcha in order to collect your Satoshi, thus we hope to avoid the automatic collection, and we reserve the right to periodically arrange additional checks and close access to fraudsters
• Thirdly, we do not make small payments. It is necessary to accumulate a total of at least 10000 Satoshi for the withdrawal.
• Fourthly, we try to avoid small transactions, as they slow down any other transactions. All the withdrawal request for amounts less than 100K Satoshi queued and will be withdrawn in an hour.
• Finally, we reserve the right to recalculate the future faucet payments, depending on various factors: the amount and activity of the club members, and the Bitcoin world currencies rates, its own profitability and use of the referral program. We will inform you in advance, if any changes are planned to be implemented.
Referral bonus is 50% of the revenue invited referral. Hurry up, usually the most active receive most.

Foklers intrest

The reasons of many faucets existence vary, each faucet pursues certain objectives. As a rule, any faucet is distribution of funds, designed to drive traffic to the resource. Foklers faucet is also advertises the product, one of the goals of the faucet is to attract interest to our club (Our ideology explained in a special section). In addition to the distribution of free Satoshi, we want to sponsor indecisive faucet claimers. We believe that everyone should be able to throw his fokler. Finally, we expect a bit of revenue from advertisements placed on the faucet, most of which will be spent on project development and maintain servers.


To withdraw funds to your BTC wallet, use the special function Withdraw, accessible from any page of Foklers.com. Although the withdrawal process is simple and intuitive, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the general rules of the withdrawal.

Output Window

You can run a withdrawal in two ways, depending on your wish and available amount in your Foklers account

  • All the people who wish to withdraw of the amount between 10 000 and 100 000 Satoshi (0.0001 - 0.001 BTC) get into a queue to output. You can find the queue visualizing on the special screen - "transactions". Output is performed every 10 minutes, provided that the summary amount of withdrawals is at least 100 000 Satoshi (0.001 Btc). For more information about queues, read further.
  • Those, who wish to withdraw more than 100,000 Satoshi, will not join any queue, their withdrawal will be performed in seconds. Your payout must come to your wallet in about 15 minutes, depending on Bitcoin network workload.

Anyway, we remind you that the minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 000 Satoshi


To obtain maximum engagement in the game, as well as for the early receipt of profits, you may need additional financial resources, so we have prepared a system of deposit, currently working in test mode. Our partner Blockchain.info, unfortunately, some imposes restrictions on transfers, which we intend to overcome as we see the interest of Foklers Club members in playing games and investment in order to increase their profits. At the moment, we recommend to put the amount of 100k Satoshi, agreeing to commission the network. The smaller the amount of the deposit and the smaller the fee, the longer your transfer will be wait confirmation, and thus may be significant delays in the receipt. Although we monitor each transaction, priority is given to amounts more than 100k Satoshi. In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that the transaction less than 50k Satoshi can just hang on the network BTC, but do not reach us, and go back to your wallet, after a long time (sometimes up to several days).

To make a transfer click Deposit button from any page. You’ll your personal address to make a transfer. Once again - remember about the restrictions imposed by our partner, try to put the amount of more than 100k Satoshi. For your convenience, we have placed a unique QR - code, which can help you to make a deposit using the mobile wallet. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to improve service.

Transactions screen

On the screen you can see past transactions and the transaction link to Blockchain.info, that can help you to track the status of transaction in the network.

Club Foklers performs transactions with a minimum threshold of 100 000 or Satoshi 0.001 BTC, it is necessary to increase the speed of operations. Therefore, we have to preserve the possibility of withdrawal of a smaller amount, we create a queue of withdrawers and provide payment every 10 minutes. There is a timer that shows how much time left before attempting to conduct a transaction. When the timer triggers, we estimate the bank queue and, if it is greater than or equal to 0.001 BTC, the withdrawal will be performed. Bank state and the queue can be seen in a special field below timer. If the amount in a bank is not sufficient, than the transaction is delayed another 10 minutes and so it will occur until the overall balance of the queue reaches 0.001 BTC.

Foklers technologies allow to supplement the amount of the withdrawal at any time until the request is in a queue on the screen transactions, with each subsequent request will be added to the output amount, and at a time when your summary amount reaches 0.001 BTC, your funds will automatically be withdrawn, regardless the general state of the queue. For example, you originally claimed for 10,000 Satoshi and joined the common queue, and then due to successful investments benefited 100,000 Satoshi in Clash of Cash and decided to withdraw 70,000 Satoshi. In this case, you will see on the transaction screen 80 000 Satoshi nearby your nick. If you do not wont to remain in the queue any longer, and accelerate the process of withdrawal of funds, you can simply request the withdrawal of a further 20 000. After that your payment goes directly to blockchain, and you’ll see link to the newly created transaction at the transaction screen, as well as in your profile page.

You can cancel your withdrawal claim until it is not withdrawn. You may find the cancel icon in your profile.

Referral system
Fokler Club offers independent referral system for games and faucet in order to attract more members. After registration on Foklers.com you may find your personal referrer link in your profile.
Foklers faucet referral program

We offer 50% of your referrals earnings, i.e. you earn every time your referral successfully claims his Satoshi. Every time he does you get the half of the amount he collected. He/she still gets his promised amount, therefore there are no disadvantages for anyone for being referral. The more referrals use the faucet services, the more money you get. Involve people in the faucet, raise your own revenues

Foklers games referral program

In addition to the faucet we guarantee an additional referral bonus for winning games. The more people show interest in games the more money you get. The gameplay referral system a bit more complicated, since Foklers Club trying to make the game as interesting as possible for the players, so act following referral system:

  • At the end of each game «Clash of Clash» and «Clash of Cash: free for all», the club shares 5% of their income among people whose referrals were victorious (retained its Fokler on the playing field). The distribution of funds between referrals masters depends on the value and quantity of the remaining foklers on the field.
  • If the winner of an auction is your referral, Foklers Club charges you a referral bonus equal to 5% of Club income, which is about 1% of the total bank auction.

We remind you that your referrals bring you an income for their entire activity, even if a separate referral decides to take a break of a few months and then resume its participation in the games, you will continue to receive their bonuses.


We recommend all the Club members to visit our board, and sign up there. You can get latest news, vote for changes and share your ideas there. You can:

  • Get information about existing projects, games, auction, faucet, and also be the first one to learn about the development and implementation date of the new projects.
  • Understand ideas, get answers to questions about the policies of the club Foklers and, perhaps, become eventually team member foklers
  • Propose to discuss new ideas aimed at the development of existing and development of new games and features of the resource.
  • Offer to help the club
  • Discuss and analyze different issues take the time to go through a simple registration and become a full-fledged member of the club Foklers. Take an active part in his life.